What night-time lighting tells us about Tibet’s prisons and detention centres

Authorities in Tibet are engaging in preventive repression towards their population.
As part of their nationwide ‘stability maintenance’ strategy, they are detaining, persecuting and convicting Tibetans for non-violent forms of protest and other expressions of dissent such as assisting or supporting self-immolations and carrying pictures of the Dalai Lama.

We found that there are currently at least 79 prisons and detention centres throughout Tibet, with most towns and villages having a detention centre.
We began with a publicly available dataset of 83 known detention facilities from the Tibet Research Project (TRP). Using historical satellite imagery of these locations, we developed a coding scheme to classify these facilities by level of securitisation and purpose. We also excluded facilities that did not fit neatly into the mould of a prison or detention centre, leaving 79 known prisons or detention centres for analysis.

Report (pdf)

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