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Safeguard Defenders: New Report: Trapped – China’s Expanding Use of Exit Bans

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has been widening the legal landscape for imposing exit bans and is increasing their use against everyone from human rights defenders to foreign journalists.

Safeguard Defenders’ new report Trapped: China’s Expanding Use of Exit Bans uses official data, an examination of new laws and interviews with victims to explore how the country is increasingly resorting to exit bans to punish human rights defenders (HRDs) and their families, hold people hostage to force targets overseas to come back to China (a practice called persuade to return, a form of transnational repression), control ethnic-religious groups, engage in hostage diplomacy and intimidate foreign journalists.

[Exit Ban: state-initiated ban on an individual from leaving the country, either at the border or by cancelling or confiscating their passport.]


China Professor: “We have people at the top of America’s core inner circle of power and influence”

Tucker Carlson from December 7, 2020 exposing the scrubbed video where a Beijing university professor states:
“We have people at the top of America’s core inner circle of power and influence”

Followed by Gordon Chang’s evaluation of the professor’s statements

FoxNews: Two NY residents arrested for running secret Chinese police station: …

Two NY residents arrested for running secret Chinese police station: ‘Significant national security matter’
Justice Department calls alleged activity in New York City a ‘significant national security matter’

A Chinese flag hangs between American flags in Chinatown. (Angela Weiss/AFP via Getty Images)

The FBI and federal prosecutors announced Monday the arrests of two New York residents who allegedly ran an undisclosed Chinese government police station in Manhattan’s Chinatown neighborhood.

Lu Jianwang and Chen Jinping have each been charged with conspiring to act as agents of China’s government, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of New York.

Breon Peace, the U.S. attorney for that office, said China’s Ministry of Public Security (MPS) “has repeatedly and flagrantly violated our nation’s sovereignty, including by opening and operating a police station in the middle of New York City.”


China Uncensored: YOU Can Fight Back!

Ever wonder how you can stand up to the Chinese Communist Party? Well, here’s your answer. Xi Jinping has been rapidly expanding its influence in the Pacific, especially in the Pacific Island nation of the Solomon Islands. They’ve used bribes to buy off the corrupt Prime Minster Manasseh Sogavare. A secret security pact could put a Chinese military base on the island. But one man decided to fight back—Daniel Suidani, the premier of Solomon’s Islands’ most populous island, Malaita Province. The CCP is trying to make him disappear, but he has an important warning to America. That’s why we’ve started this GoFundMe campaign to cover the costs of his trip to Washington DC, to tell American politicians about the CCP threat.
GoFundMe Link!

Is Your News Source Chinese Communist Party Propaganda?

From: Pro-PRC “HaiEnergy” Information Operations Campaign Leverages Infrastructure from Public Relations Firm to Disseminate Content on Inauthentic News Sites

Mandiant has identified an ongoing information operations (IO) campaign leveraging a network of at least 72 suspected inauthentic news sites and a number of suspected inauthentic social media assets to disseminate content strategically aligned with the political interests of the People’s Republic of China (PRC).

Figure 3: Spreadsheet previously available to download under displays some of the sites we judge to be part of the network in Russian and Chinese.

Please visit the website to find out if your news source is deliberately lying to you on behalf of the Chinese Communist Party and maybe working with the Russians too.

Words Banned by China’s Search Engines (1)

Many people do not realize the control exercised by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) over every facet of their citizens lives. Here is one example of how the CCP utilizes thought control measures to keep the Chinese people from remembering the unrest and subsequent massacre of innocents on June 4, 1989.

According to the Business Insider in their post 94 Search Terms That China Bans Because Of Tiananmen Square, the following words and phrases have been banned by Chinese Communist Party officials:

Big yellow duck (because an image circulated online showing giant toy ducks replacing military vehicles in the Tank Man photo, the same photo at the top of this post)
Tank Man (a reference to the above photo of a lone protester trying to block tanks)
Shanghai index (a reference to the Shanghai stock market closing down 64.89 points on 2012’s anniversary)
63 + 1 (because it adds up to 64, or June 4th)
Candle (because the candle emoticon is commonly used online to mourn deaths)
Oil lamp
Candle flame
Memorial event
Mobilize troops
Crush and destroy
Open fire
One-party dictatorship
When spring becomes summer
That year
That day
Special day
Pillar of shame (a reference to sculptures symbolizing those who died in the massacre)
Victoria Park (where some of the sculptures were placed)
Evening event
Silent tribute
Little secretary
Black shirt
Black clothes
Mothers of the Motherland
Hunger Strike Declaration
Operation Yellowbird
Non-violent non-cooperation
Chinese Spring
Take a walk
Member of standing committee
Gang of Four (Communist leaders)
Political bureau
Take to the streets
Go into the street
Never forget
Against bureaucratic profiteering (because it’s part of a slogan from the Tiananmen protests)
May 35
Six Four
Six 4
6 four
Liusi (Pinyin for “six four”)
Bajiu (Pinyin for “eight nine”)
Six four
Eight nine
Eight eight
TAM (abbreviation for Tiananmen)
Changan Avenue
Martial law
Student movement
Student strike
Student federation
Beijing massacred
Additionally, there is a translated Xinhua style guide for other words and phrases banned by the CCP.