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Ownership of Florida Splendid China

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  • Original Partnership (Click here)
  • Who is behind China Travel Services H.K. ? (Click here)
  • Who is the State Council ? (Click here)
  • Who are some of the people in charge at the park ?(Click here)
  • What does the US State Department say about the CCP and the PRC ?(Click here)
  • When were the American partners bought out ?(Click here)
  • Chinese embassy bus parked at Florida Splendid China. (Click here)
  • Performers (Click here)
  • Exhibit Signs at Florida Splendid China 352K PDF
  • Visitors to Shenzhen/Florida Splendid China. (Click here)
  • The Case Against Florida Splendid China (1998) (Click here)
  • Letters from the Grand Opening (1993) (Click here)