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Ownership of Florida Splendid China 2

The State Council- that is, the Central People's Government of the People's Republic of China is the executive body of the highest organ of state power; it is the highest organ of state administration.

One of the presidents of the corporation was mentioned in an article in the Indian Express Newspaper on July 18, 1997, entitled "Capitalist children of socialism" as one of the Chinese government's princelings. (link) He is also identified as the former Vice-Mayor of Shenzhen, PRC in the same stock prospectus as quoted earlier.(link) This same man, Zhu Yue Ning, was also the president of the Florida-based Florida Splendid China corporation and four others until he was placed under house arrest in Hong Kong. (more info) The next president of Florida Splendid China, Sunny Yang, has been under house arrest in Hong Kong since 2000.(Link)

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