Exposing Communist Chinese Government Influence in America Conference
Held at the Clarion Floridian Hotel, Orlando, Florida

Press Releases
May 10, 1999 May 11, 1999 May 12, 1999 May 13, 1999

Welcoming Letters

  • Rep. Bill McCollum

    Day 1, May 15, 1999

  • Opening Remarks
  • Group discussion, "Why am I here?"

    Exposing Communist Chinese Influence in America Panel Discussion

    Exposing Chinese Government Propaganda Panel Discussion

    Left to right, Jack Churchward, Bache, Erkin Alptekin, Bhuchung Tsering, Sebo Koh.
    (Photo courtesy of Oyunbilig)

    Panel Discussion on Florida Splendid China propaganda theme park exhibits

    Day 2, May 16, 1999
    Movement and skill building
    Developing an information structure - Jack Churchward

    Protest demonstration at Florida Splendid China

    Marching to Florida Splendid China
    (Photo courtesy of Oyunbilig)

    At the Main Gate of Florida Splendid China
    (Photo courtesy of Oyunbilig)

    Behind Florida Splendid China at the Potala Palace exhibit
    (Photo courtesy of Oyunbilig)