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Why we object to the inclusion of 'minority' exhibits

This exhibit is being shown to imply that the 'minorities' are actually, 'Chinese minorities', instead of being a part of an ethnic group that were once a sovereign people.

  • For instance, Tibetan, Mongolian, and Uyghur exhibits inside a theme park known as Florida Splendid China does reflect the current situation inside the People's Republic of China, however, if the park is to show 5,000 years of Chinese history (as per their website), then it is misleading to show these formerly independent countries as part of an historic 'China.'

  • Some of the 56 nationalities that make up the official list of 'Chinese minorities' includes Korean, Mongolian, Kyrgyz, Russian, Kazakh, Uzbek, Thai.

The presentation of the exhibits is sterile, devoid of the true cultural, historical and geographic accessories that indeed demonstrate the wonder and marvel of the people that dreamed of, built and/or worshipped within. Much as the sterile exhibit, the originals languish as well, for the observances, rituals, fellowship and central role the institution once played in the people's daily lives have been discontinued. The unique cultural entities that once bound the people together have been destroyed to ensure the supremacy of the Chinese Communist Party and the exhibits are shown as spoils of war, booty from the so-called peaceful liberation.

Placing the exhibit into an historical context that mirrors periods of independent self-rule is insulting and demeaning, given the time, effort and policy that went into crushing the existing social fabric by the Chinese Communist Party.

Will the school children know to ask the tour guide (who can't answer the question, btw):

  • The Potala Palace was bombed in 1959, can we see where the bombs hit or has it been repaired ? If it has been repaired, could you point out where the bombs fell ?

  • What happened to all the people who used to live and/or worship in these buildings ?

  • Why do you call Genghis Khan Chinese when his grandson was the one who finally conquered all of China?

  • Why is the exhibit labeled "Xiang Fei's Tomb" (a Chinese name) not properly named the "Tomb of Apak Hoja", as the local Uyghur people call it ?
The history of the people of China is rich and long, but the image conjured up by Florida Splendid China is twisted and misleading and serves the propaganda aims of the Chinese Communist Party.
This is wrong and we can teach our children the truth.
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