Uigars and Hasags are not terrorists

by M. Altanbat

Of the Inner Mongolian People's Party

In May,1997 D. Harlinsuren wrote the article "The Turkestan's danger is coming to nearby of Mongolia" in "Business times" newspaper. Author wrote in his article: "The Turkestans danger is coming. The gong of danger is hitting." It's good that he taking precautions Mongolia from war and troubles. But in other side whats a pity that he mocked the Uigars and Hasags who are struggling for the freedom and sovereignty against Chinese Communist Party and Chinese colonization, as "terrorists", "vagrants", "self-murderers", "Moslem fundamentals".

Also he wrote: "The mojaheds ( the Uigars and Hasags), who are already have Not own home will prefer to meet directly with mongolian frontiers, then to fight with Chinese Peoples Liberate Army." We could not to guess whats kind of contradictions would begin in Mongolia when they (Uigars and Hasags) will be entered." It's no secret that concealed struggle (terrorism) is more danger then their straight armed struggle." So he tried to found the hate feelings among Mongolians the Uigars and Hasags, and to show them (Uigars and Hasags) as terrorists and armed robbers. But it's not right! The Uigars and Hasags are struggles against Chinese Communist Party and Chinese aggressors. The Chinese Communist Party and Chinese government since many years ago called Tibetans, Uigars, Hasags and Inner Mongolians, who are struggling for the freedom, as terrorists, gang of robbers, religions reactionary groups and suppressed them.

Are the East Turkestans origin people don't want to live and stirring up the troubles ? Are they hurry to go to the their god Allah? No. They are struggling that to live normally in the land of their fathers. They entailing to the not equal battles that to protect nation and to save the language and culture. Since eldest history till now we are Mongolians are navel united and has same faith with Uigars and Hasags. Although we could not help them lets don't to curse them for the flattering to the Chinese Communist Party and Chinese government.

So why and whats for the Uigars and Hasags decided to struggle fearless Against Chinese Communist Party and Chinese modern Army ? Although since 1920 till 1949 Soviet Union in conspiring with Chinese Gomindans Government crushed the East Turkestans Government and oppressed Uigars and Hasags, the Chinese influence in Turkestan was small and the Chinese emigrants took only 7 % of the population.

In 1949 the Chinese Aggressor Army under the leadership of the general Wan Jen who was appointed by the Chinese Communist Party, entered aggressively to the Xinjiang and killed everyone who protest it. So the general Wan Jen became The king of the Xinjiang and killed a lot of Uigars and Hasags.

Just in 1952 the Chinese aggressors could to suppress the struggle of the People of the Xinjiang. Then 1 million solders army was demobilized and was founded the Militarized corpus of reconstruction and industrialize of the Xinjiang. Since that time these solders were settled down in Xinjiang for the permanent living. So the Chinese government began to settle down millions of Chinese immigrants in Xinjiang.

If in 1949 Uigars took 76 % of whole population of Xinjiang, so in 1967 about 50%, in 1984 declined to 40%. It's proofs that a lot of Chinese emigrants were settled down in Xinjiang. Since 1960 Beijing Government began the nuclear test near the lake Lob in East Turkestan ( Xinjiang), its still continues now. Account of these nuclear explosions there became danger for the health and live of the people of Xinjiang and also damages the environment of this place.

By the firm informations thousands women already could not to give a birth, And a lot of anomalous children are born. In America I met with a cigar doctor, Who said me that form the nuclear rays the age of Uigars and Hasags becoming shorter and increased the number of death from cancer. Once the professor of Columbia University in USA said me: It's a treacherous intentions and harmful acts of Beijing that they regularly doing the nuclear explosions, harming and exterminating by the nuclear rays the Turkestans (Xinjiang) people, Inner Mongolians, and people form Mongolia. The Beijing Government also want to exterminate the Uigars culture which has a many years history. At the magazine "Chinese Communist Party's study" that published in Taiwan (May, 1997 ) wrote:

During the 40 years the Chinese Communist Party has changed forcibly the Uigars alphabet for 4 times and crippled the Uigars letter. They ( Chinese Communist Party ) has changed forcibly whole traditions of connecting words, established terms, letter subsequent, letter forms. Therefore eldest people could not to contact by writing with youth and Uigars youth could
Shall the great Hasags, Uigars nation with great ancient culture be patient when they harmed by the Chinese nuclear rays and to be oppressed on further? If they will keep silence so the whole nation will be exterminated. The Uigars and Hasags fearless of the Chinese Communist Party, Beijing Army and reactionary police, risen up to save their children, and to save their nationality.

The East Turkestans people ( Uigars, Hasags, tajiks, mongols), who are fighting for the freedom, sovereignty, are not terrorists, robbers and murders!

List of the East Turkestans struggles against Chinese Communist Party and Chinese colonizer for the last 20 years:

The East Turkestans people ( Uigars, Hasags, tajiks, uzbeks, and Oird Mongolians ) are not terrorists