The Inner Mongolian People's Party is founded

by M. Altanbat

Of the Inner Mongolian People's Party

M. Altanbat escaped to Mongolia in 1962. In 1972 he has graduated from the Russian language course of Mongolian State University. During the 1972-1990 he worked as teacher of the Russian language at the secondary school in the Uvs aimags Tarialan somon. In 1989 became the citizen of Mongolia. In 1990 the Mongolian Government allowed his family to live in Ulaanbaatar. Now M. Altanbat is the international reporter, the independent member of the Human rights Amnesty International organization, the special reporter of the radio Voice of America in Mongolia. He was invited to the USA and took the participation in the foundation of the Inner Mongolian People's Party.
At the last months the China in parallel with the waiting the time when will take the Hong Kong, they also preparing to the wide celebration of the 50 years Anniversary of the foundation the Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region at the 1st of May in whole China.
That's right that the China will take the Hong Kong from the Great Britain and understandable their happiness. It's fair to take back the land that were rented 100 years ago. But what is the 50 years anniversary of the foundation of the Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region? Is it the happiness and joy to celebrate the 50 years Anniversary for the Mongolians?
If we do not want to humiliate the holy memory of 346,000 Mongolians who were killed by the Chinese Communist Party, we must to be sorrowful instead to be happiness at the 1st of May, 1997, and to protest strongly the Chinese Great Han nation's chauvinism instead to be proud.
If we don't want to agree with the 50 years Chinese Communist Party's, and the Chinese Government's policy to exterminate classifidely and to Chinese the Inner Mongolians, we must to rebel, and achieve the real freedom and sovereignty of the Inner Mongolia. The Chechnya with the less the 1 million population after the long term fighting found out the freedom and sovereignty from the colonizer Russia. This case of Chechnya is the real example for the Inner Mongolians who been oppressed under the Chinese Communist Party during the last 50 years. The Inner Mongolians don't want to be exterminated entirely by the Chinese Communist party and Chinese government like the gentle sheep. We don't want to forget the Mongolia and to become the Chinese.
Therefore recently at the 20th of March in New York ( USA) was founded officially the Inner Mongolian Party(IMPP). At the first congress of the Inner Mongolian party(IMPP) were taking the participation over the 50 people from the German, Japan, Australia, China, USA, Canada, Mongolia( most of them Inner Mongolians). There was discussed the ways how to save the Mongolian nation. Tsemtsel - the fighter for the Inner Mongolian Human Rights, were elected as the chair of the Inner Mongolian peoples Party. The Inner Mongolian People Party peacefully, and democratically will crush the Chinese Communist Party's authority in Inner Mongolia, and will fight to find out the real freedom and sovereignty of the Inner Mongolia.
The first congress of the Inner Mongolian Peoples Party adopted the Party's programme and rule. The rule of the IMPP: The whole people of 21years old who want to assist the struggle for the Inner Mongolian sovereignty and freedom or to help materially have the right to become the member of the IMPP. The first congress of the IMPP also adopted the Declaration document for the people of Inner Mongolia:
"...The IMPP was founded to take the precautions the next blood extermination of the Inner Mongolians by the Chinese Communist Party. We must not to wait the time and to act. The next our generation will never forgive us if we could not to use this chance."
And at the end of the declaration document called the Inner Mongolians for the freedom and honesty struggle:
"Our holy, honest struggle must be win. Our Great King Chingis Khaan helps us. Don't stop that so far, you will reach; don't stop that so heavy, you could; Lets struggle, rebel! Leave you scare feelings back, and go ahead for the holy deeds!
I'm very happy that I have taking the participation in the first congress of the IMPP ( I was arrived in New York at the 18th of March ) and become the one of the first members of the IMPP. And as a reporter of the radio "Voice of America" I have been broadcasted the news of the foundation of the IMPP. So after the people of the Tibet, and Xinjiang the Inner Mongolian also decided completely to rise in revolt for the freedom and sovereignty.