The crudely violence of the Human rights in Tibet.

by M. Altanbat

Of the Inner Mongolian People's Party

The Independent Tibet was occupied by the Chinese Communist Party and the Chinese Government 45 years ago. Till now the Tibetans fights for the independence. Especially last 2 years ( 1993-1994 ) in capital city Lhasa and other cities were organized a lot of demonstrations protesting the Chinese pressure. Just in 1994 in Tibet were organized 9 demonstrations protesting the China. In Lhasa 3 times, in the province of the Tibet also organized the demonstrations protesting the Chinese Communist Party. As wrote at the Chinese "Today's newspaper of the Tibet" just in 1994 were noticed the 765 rebellions, and counterrevolutionary acts in Tibet.

In 10th of May, 1994 the Chinese Government adopted the order to demarcate the Tibetans religion and religious feelings, and widely arrested the lamas and gelenmas ( women lama). From the May to September the Chinese provides the demarcating acts of the Tibetan traditions and the religious feelings through the whole Tibet. In September of 1994 took off the Dalai lamas portrait at the outskirts of the Lhasa city. In the September of the 1994 were adopted the new order of the security in Tibet and limited the basic rights and freedom of the Tibetans by the law. Also the Chinese Ministry of the Public Security arrests a lot of people without the judicial decision as the counterrevolutionerists, and revelers. In 1994 totally arrested by their believes 828 people in Tibet. 182 of them are the women, 45 of them are the children under the 18 years old. All of them putted to the jail by their believes.

Abdelfatoh Amore- Human Rights special representative of the UN, has prepared the special report on Tibet's Human Rights issues.( He has visited the Tibet and saw them). In February of 1995 he has submitted to the Human rights Commission in Geneva, and there were specially discussed and reproved the Chinese Government.

Now the Amnesty International demands, convention the Chinese Government:

  1. To free immediately the political prisoners;
  2. To stop the torture of prisoners;
  3. To make the decision of the prisoner who has took the participation in political acts by the true judicial decision;
  4. To recompense fairly the human rights harms to the prisoner, and also based on the UN's Convention of Children's Human Rights to stop to torture the children, and don't force them to do heavy works, and relate with them as with the human, and to free them immediately.
This is a brief translation from the Amnesty International report, done by M.Altanbat