For the 50 years Anniversary of the foundation of the Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region

by M. Altanbat

Of the Inner Mongolian People's Party

There is a reason why China decided to celebrate the performance at 20th of July that must be celebrated at 1st of May. Only after the taking Hong Kong under their authority they decided to celebrate widely the 50 years Anniversary of the foundation Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region, as the show their power to obstinate inner Mongolians, Uighurs from the Xinjiang, and Tibetans. Beijing government for the showing to the World, especially to Mongolian Republic that they are the "saver" of Inner Mongolians have sent to the Inner Mongolia especially to the Khuh Khot thousands of chines workers to build higher buildings, exotic bridges, wide modern roads. Also by the Inner Mongolian TV regularly shows how the Inner Mongolians living happy. Chinese TV, radio, newspapers regularly lies that: Before the coming to Inner Mongolia Chinese Communist Party, the Inner Mongolians felt the sorrow of the water and fire, and were at the eve of the exterminating. Just after the coming Chinese Communist Party and Chinese Army and gave the freedom to their brothers, the Inner Mongolians has the opportunity to live happy and set free, and also became the real owners of their land. Are the Inner Mongolians now living really happy and setting free under the wise authority of the Chinese Communist Party ? Are the Inner Mongolians became the real owners of their land ? Are the Inner Mongolians became willingly one part of the China ? It's lie !!!

Lets turn to the historical facts. 50 years ago the Chinese Communist Party in conspiracy with Soviet Union Communist Party and Mongolian Peoples Revolutionary Party entered their Army to the Inner Mongolia, crushed their sovereignty by the power of Army and established there very reactionary regime. So was founded Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region(IMAR), based on the rifle, and Ulaan khuu-the true man of the Chines Communist Party, became the chair of this IMAR and he began to play by the faiths of Inner Mongolians. It's was very sorrowful 50 years for the Inner Mongolia under the authority of Chines Communist Party. There are many crime acts of Chines Communist Party against the Inner Mongolians.

Briefly list of them:

  1. Inner Mongolia very rich by their natural wealth, and takes 1st place in China by the coal, steel and natural pastures. 4 of the 6 Chinese gold mines in Inner Mongolia. 80% of the World base of selen rare metal in Inner Mongolia. During the 50 years the Chines Communist Party robed all wealth that are under and below the land and made the Inner Mongolia deserts and now going the fast ecological disequilibrium. Since 1960's after the nuclear tests in West of the Inner Mongolia, and after the throwing the nuclear leftovers in BayanNuur aimag and Alsha aimag, the nuclear rays began to damage the Inner Mongolian nature and peoples health.
  2. During the 50 years Chinese Communist Party and Chinese Government provides nations exterminate policy against Inner Mongolians. Just during the Cultural revolution were killed 50000 people, and 1000000 Mongolians were repressed. Also 50000 inner Mongolians became invalids. Its was the very cruel murder in the history of earth.
    The China setted the very tight control over the birth of Inner Mongolians, and its part of the exterminate policy. Such Inner Mongolian cities as Khukh Khot, Bugat are very foul cities in China. Also Chinese Communist Party supply to Inner Mongolia the foods, that are became embittered.
  3. During the 50 years Chinese Communist Party and Chinese Government settled a few million Chinese people in Inner Mongolia and provides the Chinese policy. They provides such policy to exterminate Mongolians entirely as to farm in soil, to sprinkle in seeds in navel. If 50 years ago in Inner Mongolia took 85 % of population, so now among the 20 million population proportion of Mongolians and Chinese as followings: 1: 6. So Inner Mongolians becomes the minority in their motherland. Today in Inner Mongolia very rare Mongolian chief after the chief of the department. Although they became the chief they have not any power. The real power of the Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region is in the hand of the Chinese people. In Inner Mongolia usually Chinese people works as policeman, prosecutors, judges. Also at the petrol, non-ferrous metals, steel industrials the Chinese workers takes 95 %. No Mongolian workers at the Army factory. About 90 % of the population in Inner Mongolians main cities as Khuh hot, Bugat takes Chinese people. But Mongolian herdsman living very poor in sandy deserts. During the past few years Chinese Government forcibly reduced the price of the cattle raw materials and therefore the live of the inner Mongolians became very poor and they could not even give to their children the opportunity to study at schools.
  4. Although in Inner Mongolia now published regularly a few newspapers and magazines, but official papers as usual in chines. Although three is a TV and radio in Mongolian, but usually real Mongolians could not to watch and listen them, but through the cable TV there is a opportunity to influence to the Mongolian Republic. How could Inner Mongolians living in such difficult conditions have patience?

How long would they have patience under the pressure of the Chinese Communist Party? Any patience are limited. Since that time when Inner Mongolia was occupied by the Chinese Communist Party the struggle of the Inner Mongolians did not stop at any time. And now the Inner Mongolians struggled against the Chinese Communist Party and Chinese arrogant Great Han men.

The brief list of the Inner Mongolians struggles against Chinese Communist Party ( since 1980):

Day by day the sparkle of the struggle spreads widely into the territory of
The Inner Mongolia like the flame from the sparkle, from the flame the fire!