Is the 21st century will be the Chinese Century?

by M. Altanbat

Of the Inner Mongolian People's Party

At the 16th of June by the Chinese central TV's programme: "Today in China over the 300 cities feeling the deficit of water and children washed their face by the swallow of water and bringing to the school the water in vessels." "And In the East of the China every year becoming flooded and its exterminates the whole profits ( 3/1 percent or over the 240 billion capital) of the Chinese industry." At the one of the latest programme of the Chinese Central TV declared the danger: "If the petroleum will ended, the people will find out the other source of the energy, but what we shall do if the water will ended?"

The whole countries admits the fast growth of the Chinese economy during the last few years. The Chinese people says arrogantly that the 20th century would be our Chinese century. The Chinese media spreads propaganda that "The china been oppressed by the foreign imperialist countries. Now the China becoming the super power country. Today the Chinese fearless of anyone, will count with the past."

The Chinese government are unable to restrain their arrogant and happy thoughts. After the 20 days they will take Hong Kong from the Great Britain, then Taiwan, then Mongolia...( at the1993 in Beijing was published officially the book "The secret of independence of Mongolia." In this book were written that the Chinese will take Mongolia). The Chinese Government are hurrying up. They are really agitated. If 100 years ago the China lost their territory to the countries in the West and felt the humiliation, so now its turned against. China sent their armed ships to the Philippine to occupy the Spratly Island, and also sends the thousands of fishers to occupy the Japanese Island. China gets the petroleum without restraints inside of the sea frontier of the Vietnam.

China enters to the independent Mongolia by the many ways, and began to influence to the political, economical life and society of this country. The Chinese government planing to occupy the Mongolia not by the tanks, but by the trades, joint companies, and young Chinese businessmen.

The arrogant feelings of the Beijing assisted not only by the people who are living in the China, but also by the Chinese emigrants who are living in the foreign countries. They says openly that: "The 21st century would be the Chinese and we will make a decisions of the faith of the world. The Chinese in Hong Kong, in Taiwan all assists the Beijing policy to occupy the Japans Island.

The Chinese emigrants in America wants to enter to the American politics. The whole Chinese newspapers and magazines that printed in the USA assists the Begins policy and the Great Hans chauvinism . Today the China really arrogant by the large population in the world( 1/5 percent it's Chinese) and by the fast growing up economy. Even widely sales in the USA boob shops the Great Han chauvinist book "The China also has the right of free speech." Also some Mongolian politicians and scientists fears the Chinese majesty and in one voice says that the 21st century would be the Chines Century and flatters the Chinese Government. Are the 21st century would be the Chinese century? Is it true that the China will become the superpower at first in Asia, then in the world?

I have the opposite opinion. Lets turn to the fact:
In the group's report of the clarifying the China ( printed in Beijing ,1989, at the Committee of publishing of the Chinese Academy of Science): "Today in China there are 4 crises: the population boom, the ending of the natural sources, the pollution of the environment, and the ecology disequilibirium. Today's economy growth it's the last natural source of China, especially the plantation will be exterminated entirely. At the 21st century the China could not to raise the population. The 10% percent of food will be imported. It's equal to the food of the whole population of Japan or 50 % of the whole population of the USA.

From the American World Studys Institute were published the report "Who will raise the China in 2030?" At this report: "At this time the China would need to buy the food from the abroad every year at least 378 million metric tons. Its too much then the whole countries import of food in the world. At this time the China could not to buy the food from any foreign countries, even if they have a lot of money. Millions of Chinese will starve. Today the most of rivers in the Chinese Hua Wei region ( its includes Beijing, Tientsin and several states at the south of the China ) starts to diminish. In 2020 the Yellow rivers( two big rivers of the China, sometimes called as river Queen) lower stream will be diminished entirely.

At the 21st century the Beijing underground water source will ended entirely. Probably The China will remove the capital city from Beijing and another city will become the capital city of China. However where will move the 10 million people who are living in Beijing and several hundred millions of the Hua Wei region? Of cause at this time these hundred millions of people will not be patient and will die. They will rise in revolt. " And at the conclusion in this report wrote that: "At the end of the 20th century an at the beginning of the 21st century the Chinese society and economy will become quickly confusion. And inside of the whole China will be big explosion. "

The big shaking and the big destruction are coming up to the China! It's incontestably that in China will be big explosion. The Chinese democratic movement, the explosion in ShinJan and Beijing, the Tibetans revolt, the Inner Mongolian Peoples Party - any of the great kings, great leader, that would to lead very wisely, they could not to stop this Chinese big destruction. The Chinese big destruction at the end follows to the to be dividing into the a lot of independent states like in Russia: Tibetan, East Turkestan, Inner Mongolia...

Apart from that the whole system, traditional doctrines ( Kunz's doctrine) Will be destroyed. And starved ( yellow epidemic like in tales) hundred millions people will leave their homes and will go to anywhere and destroy anything. Probably that starved hundred millions people will entered to the Vietnam, Laos, Burma, Kazahstan, Mongolia, Siberia, Korea, Japan and will eat the whole food. It's not the menace, it's reality. What the neighbor Mongolia shall do with these hundred millions of Chinese emigrants? From the ancient time the China said that the Mongolia with the 1569 square km. wide territory is the land where they have to live. Don't forget this. The 21st century will not become as the Chinese, its still would be the whole country's in the world.