Letter to Mr. Yang

November 14, 1996

Mr. Sunny Yang
Chairman, Splendid China
3000 Splendid China Blvd.
Kissimmee, Florida 34747

Dear Sir,

I am writing again to ask that you please speak with our organization, Citizens Against Communist Chinese Propaganda, or suggest a third-party that can serve as a mediator. Our main concern is that the current display of Tibetan, Uighur, and Mongolian exhibits that falsely portray the history and culture of these peoples. Another concern is the display of religious exhibits, given the extent to which free speech and the expression of religious ideas and thoughts are suppressed in the People's Republic of China. We will be happy to discuss the arrangements for this meeting at your convenience.

I also wish to announce that we will be staging a peaceful and legal protest demonstration in front of your establishment beginning at 9AM on the 22nd of December. We are staging this demonstration to commemorate the beginning of the third year of operation of your establishment and the fact that you have ignored all our correspondence.

See you in December,

Jack Churchward, Coordinator
Citizens Against Communist Chinese Propaganda