Letter to Mr. Xiaoning Cao

May 9, 2001
Comrade Xiaoning
Florida Splendid China
3000 Splendid China Blvd.
Kissimmee, Florida 34747

Dear sir,
We had hoped that your recent appointment to lead Florida Splendid China might afford us the opportunity to develop a dialog so that we could openly discuss our differences. Only by meeting and talking about the issues can we ever hope to resolve this important matter. Please contact us at your convenience.
Our view is that the improper representation of structures referencing Eastern Turkestan, Inner Mongolia, and Tibet as parts of the People's Republic of China 'since ancient times' is about as nonsensical as the statements of General Chi Haotian regarding the massacre of innocents in TianAnMen Square in June 1989. There is no credibility when the operational commander of those PLA forces states that 'no one died' in TianAnMen Square, especially given the international coverage of the events. Likewise, no rational person, after adequate exposure to unbiased historical materials, would ever consider that Tibet, Southern Mongolia and Eastern Turkestan have been 'Chinese since ancient times.'
To honor the memory of the brave Chinese citizens that stood up for freedom twelve years ago and to highlight the hypocrisy that Chinese Communist Propaganda represents, Citizens Against Communist Chinese Propaganda will be gathering at the main gate of Florida Splendid China at noon on the 2nd of June 2001. We will consider suspending our gathering if you would take the opportunity to contact us.

Thank you for your time and attention,
Jack Churchward
Citizens Against Communist Chinese Propaganda