Letter to Mr. Xiaoning Cao

Mr. Xiaoning Cao
Florida Splendid China
3000 Splendid China Blvd.
Kissimmee, Florida 34747

Comrade Xiaoning,
To foster better relations between Americans and the Chinese people, we are calling on the management of Florida Splendid China to sit down and discuss some of the exhibits contained in the theme park. At such time as we receive a response from you in writing, concerning the arrangements for a meeting at a mutually acceptable time and place, we will suspend our activities.
We object to the display of the exhibit called "Mausoleum of Genghis Khan" because the replica depicts a structure built by the Communist Chinese government to control the Mongols. The purpose of the building shown in the theme park was to house the Ordons of Genghis Khan and remove control of the ancient nomadic shrines from those who had honorably maintained them and the proscribed ritual for centuries. This is a complete rewrite of history.
Likewise, we object to the display of the replica of the Potala Palace, because this is a uniquely Tibetan structure. Tibet is held only under the force of arms, the Tibetan people are suffering an illegal occupation as Mongols from Inner Mongolia and the people of East Turkestan.
Furthermore, we object to the renaming of the Tomb of Apak Hoja, a great leader of the Uyghur people, to a Chinese name for one of his descendants. There are no Chinese people buried there and 'Xiang Fei' committed suicide rather than marry the Chinese Emperor. It is a blatant falsehood to call the structure, 'Fragrant Concubine Tomb.'
We will be holding a commemoration of the 54th anniversary of the Communist Chinese takeover of Inner Mongolia on April 28th, 2001 beginning at noon. Depending on the resolution of the current misunderstanding between our countries, you might expect a larger group of attendees at the main gate of Florida Splendid China.

Thank you for your time and attention,
Jack Churchward
Citizens Against Communist Chinese Propaganda