Letter to Mr. Yang

March 1997

Sunny Yang
President, Florida Splendid China
3700 Splendid China Blvd.
Kissimmee, Florida 34747

Dear Mr. Yang,
To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Communist takeover of Southern Mongolia, the members of Citizens Against Communist Chinese Propaganda will be holding a protest demonstration at the main gate of Florida Splendid China on Sunday April 27, 1997 at 9 AM.
Florida Splendid China contains an exhibit labeled "Mausoleum of Genghis Khan", which implies that Genghis Khan was Chinese and that he was buried in a Chinese style Mausoleum. Both of these implications are incorrect, as Genghis Khan was born, raised and died a Mongolian, to imply otherwise is an absolute fabrication. As far as the resting place of his mortal remains, that is unknown, as the 'Secret History' has explained. Mongolians, who once performed twice-yearly ceremonies to Genghis Khan are now sent to prison when they wish to express their cultural heritage. This exhibit, which represents the Communist Chinese government's attempt to remove the 'Three Ordons of Genghis Khan' from the Mongolians people's control, should either be removed immediately or the re-labeled so that the truth is known. The continued inclusion of this exhibit is insulting to not only the Mongolian people, but to students of history throughout the world.
Florida Splendid China also contains the exhibit labeled 'Mongolian Yurt', which attempts to portray the Mongolian life-style as 'Chinese' and implies that somehow the Mongolians under Chinese Communist domination are happy to be 'Chinese'. As well, this exhibit implies that the Communist Chinese authorities are taking care of the Mongol's grasslands, when in actuality, the grasslands are being destroyed for agricultural uses, and the lands are turning to desert after only a couple of years of farming. The inclusion of this exhibit is a sick joke, it should be removed immediately also.
Furthermore, recent attempts to celebrate Mongolian cultural events have resulted in long prison terms for Hada and Tegexi. These men received prison terms of 15 and 10 years respectively, only for voicing their opinions and having a desire to fulfill a cultural obligation. They committed no other crime other than disagreeing with the Communist Chinese government. This hardly agrees with the idyllic setting which your theme park is bent on showing to the public.
We also disagree with the inclusion of the Potala Palace, the home of successive Dalai Lamas since the 17th century (as well as to the Tibetan government). We wish that this exhibit were removed or relabeled also. The inclusion of the Potala Palace is insulting to the Tibetan people as it is a Tibetan, not a Chinese edifice.
The Id Gah Mosque and Tomb of Appak Hoja, icons of the Uighur people of Eastern Turkestan, are not Chinese. As recently shown in the news, the Uighur people are far from happy under communist Chinese control. We wish that these exhibits were removed or relabeled as well. The inclusion of these exhibits are insulting to the Uighur people.
As you may know, this will be the second demonstration this year at your facility and there are at least four more planned for the remainder of 1997. We remain ready to negotiate at your convenience or remain open to third-party mediation by a mediator acceptable to us both.
May all beings know happiness free from suffering,
Jack Churchward
Citizens Against Communist Chinese Propaganda