In response to the banning (and some instances of mass book burnings) of various books and publications deemed by the Chinese Communist Party to be 'subversive' or 'splittist', Freedom's Herald wishes to place as many of these documents (and translations) into forms that will ensure that the knowledge and wisdom that they contain are not lost.

Freedom's Herald solicits copies of banned books/publications. The document will be scanned and converted into a format suitable for the WWW (pdf or html formats.) After scanning, the book will be promptly returned.

Here are some titles that have already been scanned:

More banned books on loan from the Southern Mongolian Human Rights Information Center & the Free-Hada-Now Coalition:

The Free Hada Now ! website is a project of the Southern Mongolia Human Rights Information Center. Please join the Coalition to Free Hada Now!

For further information, please contact Freedom's Herald Banned Books/Publications Project Coordinator at

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